Discover the Power of Real-World Challenges

career discover
career discovery

‘Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits!’

Life, more often than not, throws various challenges at us, but how many times are we prepared to face them? While academic education helps build the foundation of a career, it doesn’t adequately prepare learners for the real world.

So how does one develop the skills and competencies to prepare for a productive future?

Unlock your potential with real world learning

Real-world learning for the 21st century is a crucial missing link between academic achievement and long-term life success. At its core, the phrase “real-world learning” means learning that is active, applied, and grounded in the world beyond school walls. It goes beyond test scores and empowers you with the skills to navigate college, career, and community, laying a critical foundation for success.

Start by engaging yourself in authentic, relevant problems, projects, and experiences that develop career awareness and readiness. 

Once you immerse yourself in learning experiences with experts, influencers, brands and purposes, your academic work finds meaning beyond the walls of the classroom. Also, this allows you to gain hands-on skills that you can use for a lifetime.

‘Challenge’ your Limits!

Attempt real-world challenges on the Power Club App

A challenge lets you turn an abstract concept into a concrete and actionable output. It is a call to action to learn deeply about the subject. And by doing so, you develop essential skills necessary to thrive in an ever-changing world. It fuels collaboration to identify big ideas, ask thoughtful questions, and identify, investigate and solve complex problems. 

Power Club enables real-world learning with the power of challenges created by global experts on the app. They lead to immediate, bite-size learning and build excitement around the theme or the domain that interests you. 

It pushes you to leverage experience, harness internal and external resources, develop a plan and move forward to find the best solution. Along the way, there is experimentation, failure, and ultimately, success.

Career Discovery with Power Club

Power Club is a daily space for learners where they can design their own life pathways by attempting real-world challenges.

  • We know that learning is driven by motivation and instead of a one-way flow of centralized pre-prepared information, so we’ve adopted learner-generated parallel flows on the app; this helps learners to explore their talents and interests with creativity and curiosity.
  • You can explore real-life domains where they can dive deep into topics that interest them and discover new career pathways with the help of experts.
  • The more you create on the app, the stronger your portfolio becomes. Your strengths, interests, and passion are well-documented for future references. It also helps in sparking enthusiasm for further discoveries and creations.
  • It makes you future-ready as you gain relevant 21st-century skills – one challenge at a time!

Getting Started 

Explore challenges across domains like entrepreneurship, sustainability, tech, and many more. Interact with industry experts and find like-minded peers who share common interests. And of course, in the process, you also create amazing work and showcasing your talent to the world!

Each challenge/domain/theme is a contagious field of energy that spreads excitement – that stimulates each user to start discovering unknown things or work on their own skills.

At Power Club, you are free to pursue and develop interests every day without textbooks, or the pressure of exams, and marks.

Start attempting challenges on the app to discover your possible future life pathways.

Happy creating!

Uable, with 10X more Power!

Last few weeks, we have been deeply reflecting on our journey. We have looked at what we have created for hundreds of thousands of teenagers, and we are proud of all that we have done, together! 

But we want to do better for our talented teens who have come here for a stellar community experience.  There is one deep realisation that has been striking us over and over: free communities tend to become too large and noisy as there is no barrier of entry, offering less incremental value to the high intent users. Think of it as an amphitheater where there are free performances and a lot of our collective effort is going into crowd management, rather than bringing the very best performances on stage, truly experiencing them and building on those.

We are taking the Uable experience 10X from here, and launching something that will change the game for our Power Users!

Who is Uable’s Power User? You! Aspiring, ambitious teenager who wants to go beyond the traditional boundaries of education, to pursue passions seriously, by connecting with like-minded driven teens and collaborating with the best minds in  fields of interest, engage in exciting projects, play with ideas and build a portfolio of  dreams!

For you, Uable is launching the next big thing: “Power Club”! We are so excited about what we have in store for you. 

True to its name, Uable’s new premium app, Power Club will bring the most powerful, passionate, and ambitious teenagers from across the world and connect them not only with each other but with top young achievers of every field and create magical collaboration opportunities that have never existed. 

Power Club is for those crazy young minds who want to go deep in Entrepreneurship, Design, Creator Economy, Web 3.0, Climate Change, YouTubing, Activism and more. It is for those who want to go to  Ivy League and other best global campuses or for those who want to simply build an amazing network, work on extraordinary projects and problems and build a game-changing portfolio of work!

Power Club will be a members-only global community of teenagers where getting in will not be easy, but once you get in, life will never be the same again! It will be everything that you have loved Uable for, only 10X the experience, powered by global cross-pollination!

It has taken us 13 months of deep work with so many of you to understand the real needs of exceptional teens and what we should offer you. Now, it’s time for magic!